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U.S.O. Tilt EQ now available in Kyma

Posted on 13 Apr 17 News | No Comments

Now you can boost and cut in Kyma with a new spectral balance tool: the USO Tilt EQ. It’s useful for gently tipping the spectral balance of the Input to emphasize the lows and de-emphasize the highs (or vice versa). There are two shelving filters set to FrequencyPivot. The boost or the cut for the highs will be the opposite of what you set for the lows. Setting BoostOrCut to a negative number attenuates the lows and boosts the highs; conversely, setting BoostOrCut to a positive number boosts the lows and attenuates the highs. If you imagine the spectrum with frequency increasing from left to right, decreasing or increasing BoostOrCut “tilts” the spectrum in one direction or another around a pivot (set by FrequencyPivot).