New Sound Effects Library released – “Transmission Apparatus”

November 10, 2014
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November 10, 2014 admin

New Sound Effects Library released – “Transmission Apparatus”

Unidentified Sound Object - Sound Effects Libraries - Sound Design - Matteo Milani - Transmission Apparatus

We are pleased to present Transmission apparatus, a new recombinant sound effects library. This is available as a .wav files collection and for the first time also as a Kontakt .nki file. It’s a construction kit designed to create a broad range of communication sounds, from real to “alien” broadcasting signals.

It’s catalogued in five elements: AM (amplitude modulation), FM (frequency modulation), SSB (single side band – aka ham radio), KYMA (synthesised noises) and VOCAL (unintelligible speeches).

Click here to go to the product page and listen to the audio demo!

Have fun layering, filtering, adding density and perspective to the enclosed 373 files of unique sound material!