Review: Imagined Spaces

February 10, 2017
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February 10, 2017 admin

Review: Imagined Spaces

Recording Magazine

Overloud REmatrix convolution reverb and Imagined Spaces IR Pack have been reviewed by Darwin Grosse in the February issue of Recording Magazine.

“Imagined Spaces takes you deep into space with long and highly-diffuse reverbs with all the hiss and roar of the best algorithmic devices.”

“These reverbs are exceptional for spacy-synth, ambient, or ECM-style new age work. Why is this important? Well, many of these musical styles are now widely used in cinematic contexts, and music-for-video (or games or film) is a growing part of our work.”

“The Imagined Spaces reverbs are a perfect supplement to the traditional sounds that come with the Factory selection, and really turn REmatrix into a first-call plug-in.”

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