Transmission Apparatus


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Transmission apparatus is a recombinant sound library available as a .wav files collection and for the first time also as a Kontakt .nki file. It’s a construction kit designed to create a broad range of communication sounds, from real to “alien” broadcasting signals. The library contains more than 2 GB of data, delivered in 373 files of unique sound material. It’s catalogued in five elements: AM (amplitude modulation), FM (frequency modulation), SSB (single side band – aka ham radio), KYMA (synthesised noises) and VOCAL (unintelligible speeches).



The first three bands were recorded from the output of different radio receivers at 96 kHz via a Crane Song HEDD (Harmonically Enhanced Digital Device) to add warmth and tube/analog sonic color to the recordings. All the samples have been carefully selected from these recording sessions, with the addition of just a little dsp processing to widen the stereo field. Moreover, the Kyma folder contains unique audio files entirely synthesised in the SSC Kyma+Paca(rana) environment. And a group of sfx called Vocal is the result of “destroyed” dialogues and vocal sources via spectral processing.

Please note

The Full version of Kontakt 5 is required to use the .NKI version of “Transmission Apparatus”. If you use this library with free player it will only work in demo mode for 15 minutes. The Kontakt version is the first of our Kontakt Series and includes a custom user interface (aka Performance View) with Groups Enable/Disable switches + Bus Volume knobs and various processing tools to play directly in the Kontakt window, making the sound design process both easier and quicker:

DSP Modules
“Drive” knob (determines the amount of tube distortion)
“Damping” knob (increasing damping reduces some of the harmonic content caused by distortion)
“Hipass” knob (4-pole lowpass, which attenuates frequencies below the cutoff at a rate of -24 dB/octave)
“Lowpass” knob (4-pole hipass, which attenuates frequencies below the cutoff at a rate of -24 dB/octave)
“Spread” knob (sets the width of the stereo field: a value of -100 will result in a mono signal, while +100 will spread the stereo signal even further)
“LFO Bypass” switch (activate random Low Frequency Oscillator)
“LFO Frequency” slider (determines the LFO frequency: values range from 0.02 Hz to 210 Hz)
“Latch Notes” switch (if enabled, Kontakt will play each sample in its entirety when it’s triggered)
“All Notes Off” button (turns off all samples that are currently playing)

Here is what you get in “Transmission Apparatus”:

AM (30 items)
FM (164 items)
KYMA (71 items)
SSB (46 items)
VOCAL (62 items)

Comma-separated values file (.csv)
Excel spreadsheet (.xls)
License Agreement (.pdf)
Artwork – by Lorenza Negri (.jpg)

Two flavours:

96 kHz: $ 49

Audio Format: Broadcast Wave Files (.wav)
Bit Depth: 24-bit Size: 2.49 GB
Download size is 1.82 GB (compressed .rar archive)

Kontakt 5 – Native Instruments: $ 69

Audio Format: NI Instruments File (.nki)
Sample Rate: 96 kHz
Bit Depth: 24-bit Size: 1.66 GB
Download size is 1.64 GB (compressed .rar archive)

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