“Lis10er” new album out now

January 7, 2017
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January 7, 2017 admin

“Lis10er” new album out now

Unidentified Sound Object - Sound Effects Libraries - Sound Design - Matteo Milani - Lis10er

Lis10er (LisTENer) is the name of the first volume of a series of short film soundtracks composed by Matteo Milani (aka graphicalSound). It features the first 10 episodes of a narrative journey through sound. Each of these fragments is an emotional moment that is musically crystallized. They are all different, but fit together and form part of a whole. The album is the result of a series of musical encounters with friends who have helped “paint” these stories. The individual tracks are communicating sound “rooms” that defy genre definitions.
It’s time to Lis10 *.

* 1.0 (= 0.1) symbols of the binary system as the smallest representations of numerical sound information

Special Guests:
Walter Marocchi (electric guitars)
Gerardo De Feo (electric guitars)
Stefano Iascone (trumpet)
Giovanni Dettori (orchestral cues)