For Kyma users only: drumsFormer

August 29, 2017
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For Kyma users only: drumsFormer

Unidentified Sound Object - Sound Effects Libraries - Sound Design - Matteo Milani - Kyma - drumsFormer

drumsFormer is quite simple but colourful convolution based stereo Kyma Sound. Eight folders containing each one different custom made Impulse Responses (Doors, Glasses, Metals, Papers, Percussions, Plastics, Rocks, Synth) are fed into a CrossFilter prototype. The relative triggers and the global interpolation are algorithmically controlled, but it’s possible to override both of them by clicking the “Freeze IRs” and “ManualFade” buttons for further sound explorations. Spatial width and the fresh tilt EQ will be also useful to sculpt the spectrum. Try it with different harmonic sources or live inputs. Be inspired!


Available in the Community Library @ Symbolic Sound: