Imagined Spaces – REmatrix Expansion library

August 23, 2016
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Imagined Spaces – REmatrix Expansion library

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Ear shocking reverbs!
Imagined Spaces is a reverb library created with digitally synthesised IRs. With Imagined spaces you can surprise your audience with ear shocking effects and add inspiring rhythmic structures to your tracks.

Digitally synthesized IRs
No recordings of real environments have been used: instead, the IRs have been developed in Kyma sound design environment with synthesis/processing algorithms in the frequency and time domain, to obtain eccentric ambiences with extremely different durations.

Imagined Spaces presets are divided into four categories:
General purpose – a wide selection of presets to discover the “character” of the library
Unheard Environments – experimental waves to shock your ears
Sh-0rt & dist-0rt – the right choice to add a third dimension to your audio stream
Pulsing Inspirations – an exploration of inspiring rhythmic structures