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OUT NOW: Warped Choir

Posted on 07 Mar 17 News |
Warped Choir - a filmic sound construction kit

Warped Choir‘ is the latest state-of-the-art filmic sound construction kit from U.S.O. which continues to cross the border between music and sound design.

It is a library that not only gives you a collection of vocal sounds, you also get ultra-modern, emotive design elements.

Containing 270 sounds, you will find thick crescendos, ghostly soundscapes, hair-raising stingers, and deep swells crafted for Stereo and 5.1 imaging.

When it comes to creating new musical ideas, video and sound editors, sound designers, but also composers, can find inspiration in this intriguing must-have collection.

It also includes raw samples so you can create your own versions to send shivers up your audience’s spines—but if you need to get their attention right away, this library should do the trick!

Available now on A Sound Effect!