Invisible noise pollution: transducing electromagnetic fields into audio signals


Artificial Reality Ambiences created entirely in Symbolic Sound Kyma


A construction kit to create real and “alien” communication sounds


3D printer servos and motors to inspire you for your next (scifi) project

logogrande U.S.O. (pronounced /ˌjuː.esˈəʊ/   /-ˈoʊ/) is an independent sound effects libraries publisher. It offers royalty-free original sound effects for film, games and music creations with unlimited rights upon every purchase. Unidentified Sound Object was founded in 2011 by sound designer and re-recording mixer Matteo Milani. He explores aesthetic opportunities both in the studio and in the field, inventing exclusive, designed raw elements, and to inspire the creativity of his fellow sound sculptors. The packages contain a wide variety of bizarre and unconventional sources: transfigured field recordings and everyday objects or materials generated through analog and/or digital synthesis. All of the audio files have been loudness-normalized, based on the recommendations of the European Broadcast Union, and embedded with metadata for detailed and accurate searches in your software asset management. U.S.O. Libraries are sold exclusively through A Sound Effect, the world's largest catalog of independent sound effects.


3Dimensional Printing

3Dimensional Printing

3Dimensional Printing is the multicolored result of different recording sessions of a couple of 3D printers (the Sharebot NG – Next Generation and the DeltaWASP 20 40) at Fabb and at FabLab Milan between 2014 and 2015.
Duration ranges vary from 1 to 5 minutes, with the most sonically interesting excerpts from full printing cycles. Lots of pattern and sequences are available for selection and transformation.
Five different transducers were chosen to capture all the sonic details of these mechanisms:
– C-SERIES pro contact microphones;
– Barcus Berry 4000 Planar Wave System;
– Piezo Film Tab Contact Microphones by Cold Gold Audio;
– Custom Induction Coil Pick-up;
– Zoom MSH-6 MS Capsule.


The Complete U.S.O. Bundle

Transmission Apparatus

Unseen Noises

Hologram Room – vol.1

Kyma ambience – vol. 1



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Preview: 3Dimensional Printing

3Dimensional Printing is the multicolored result of different recording sessions […]

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New Sound Effects Library released – “Transmission Apparatus”

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U.S.O. brand new website finally online!

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U.S.O. on Sound Exploration, Unseen Noises Library

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2014 / 11 / 10
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Over the last 20 years, my creative background in different disciplines of sound - from advertising for television and radio to cinema and mobile applications - has led me to an openness to a variety of ideas and sound styles.

I collaborated successfully with Italian and European directors, working on hundreds of TV and radio spots, developing a deep sense of storytelling.

I worked as a sound designer and re-recording mixer on several documentaries and feature films, such as “Rosso Fango” - a short war movie which won the “David di Donatello” prize in 2003 and “Yuri Esposito”, screened at the 70th Venice International Film Festival.

I wrote for renowned italian audio magazines and built an international sound community in the blog “Unidentified Sound Object”.

In addition to producing and delivering innovative sound effects libraries, I offer music consultancy for audiovisuals and compose experimental music and develop surround-sound for multimedia installations and live events.


licenseYour purchase of any sound library grants you a lifetime non-transferable worldwide license for synchronization rights only. You are allowed to create a single working copy of all sounds contained within the product to store as a backup. The sounds are to be used only for the authorized purposes as defined in the End-User License Agreement. Every purchase of our product includes permission for you to access the sounds from up to 1 workstations installed at 1 address location (on-site, the primary location or physical address of the Licensee, at which the hard disk or other storage medium is housed). There is no fee. If you have 2+ users or require networked access to our sound effects libraries, you will need to obtain a special multi-user license not covered in the standard single user EULA. Multi-User Licensing is available upon request.


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