Unidentified Sound Object is an independent sound effects library publisher with an all global client base. We offer licensing of high-quality commercially usable sound effect libraries for your projects.

U.S.O.* was founded in 2011 by Matteo Milani.

(*pronounced /ˌjuː.esˈəʊ/ /-ˈoʊ/)

As a post-production audio specialist, Matteo still explores creative opportunities both in the studio and in the field, inventing world-class sfx libraries.

With more than 20 years of experience, his services today include complex sound design, composing and mixing for commercials, documentaries & films.

The collections contain a wide variety of original sources: materials generated through analog and/or digital synthesis, or recorded with unconventional miking techniques.

The audio files have been loudness-normalized and embedded with metadata for detailed and accurate searches in your software asset management.

All U.S.O. sound effect libraries now follow the filename structure provided by Universal Category System, a framework for consistent classification of sound effects.


Back and Forth was born of an idea of Matteo Milani and Lorenzo di Tria, thinking on how to build an intuitive and great sounding music tool for contemporary producers and sound designers.

Based on Lorenzo’s experience on the art of turntablism, this collection is now an easy way to add real scratch and turntable performances to your musical and audiovisual projects, and finally make them sounds better then ever before.

The unsurpassed sound of the needle in the groove and the cuts of the crossfader generate an unmistakable music quality and uniqueness.


U.S.O. is a full service post-production audio company specializing in sound design and immersive 3D audio mixing for virtual and augmented reality.

Our flexible 5.1 and Stereo mix room offers a well-selected combination of analogue and digital equipment in a great sounding space.

It’s a powerful mix suite with great views and a flood of natural light. Including a small isolation booth designed to record voice actors or single instruments, it’s the perfect room for stereo and surround mixes.

We also create and implement assets for your event or interactive installation.
Together with our friends Torrevado, we can offer any media service connected to filming, editing, grading and VFX, along with our audio services. We are a proud member of the global VR/AR Association, dedicated to fostering growth in the virtual reality and augmented reality industries.


I was lucky enough to turn a passion into a profession, as well as being part of the creative process – over the past 20 years – of numerous television and film productions.

A restless curiosity drives me to continually expand and celebrate my love for sound arts.

I’m still exploring various sound disciplines: tv&radio advertising, documentaries, immersive sound design creation for mobile Apps, multimedia installations, dance performances and exhibitions.

In addition to composing soundtracks, I offer music consultancy for audiovisuals and mastering for digital distribution.



If you have any questions about our products or need further information, please feel free to write us. We’ll be happy to hear from you. Click the button below to get in touch.


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